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  1. Fan



    Use this fan to take the heat off motors, boards and more.


    • Voltage: 12VDC
    Learn More
  2. BL Touch

    BL Touch


    BLTouch is an auto leveling sensor for 3D Printers based on open-source. If you choose BLTouch, your 3D printer will be high-class masterpiece, giving you an enjoyable experience. BLTouch provides you the possibility for free bed selection, and larger build size. Simple : BLTouch can be easily applied, since it has a small and simple structure. Gathering information & firmware setting will be an easy task, because main functions and controls of BLTouch are same as usual auto bed leveling sensor, consists of RC servo and micro switch. Smart : BLTouch aimed user convenience and enjoyable printing by adding many smart functions, self-test, alarm, alarm release, test mode for M119. High-precision : BLTouch fulfilled simple structure and high precision by using progressively designed solenoid and hall sensor. BLTouch's Standard Deviation in repeatability is around 0.005mm.

    BL Touch Manual : http://www.antclabs.com/manual

    Pegasus BL Touch Mount: PegasusBLTouchMount.stl

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  3. 50x50x15mm 12v DC Side Blow Fan

    50x50x15mm 12v DC Side Blow Fan


    The standard 12v DC fan for general cooling needs. This is a high-speed fan with a high quality 2 ball bearing. 12 Volts DC Size: 50x50x15mm Lead lengh: 1m Learn More
  4. RAMPS 1.4 Shield

    RAMPS 1.4 Shield


    RAMPS 1.4 Shield Learn More
  5. Auto Bed Leveling Kit

    Auto Bed Leveling Kit


    Out of stock

    Includes Induction Sensor, Voltage Reducer and wires Printable mount for i3v: https://app.box.com/s/gwqyo8n60k8fbvb88xytkj9fce9qoxc1 or https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B80A_woXoRWdR3kwTmVoQzNDOTg/view?usp=sharing


    Soldering is required, printed mount is not included Currently we do not have firmware or directions for installing or using ABL

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  6. DRV 8825 Stepper Driver

    DRV 8825 Stepper Driver


    The more powerful DRV 8825 stepper driver runs cooler then the A4988 Driver. Supports 32 MicroSteps and can handle up to 2A of motor current. Designed by Kliment ***See Pictures for correct orientation when installing driver - RAMPS and RUMBA boards not included Learn More
  7. 8gb ADATA MicroSDHC Card with adapter

    8gb ADATA MicroSDHC Card with adapter


    Compatible with our LCD control panels. Learn More
  8. Heat Bed Relay

    Heat Bed Relay


    This Heat Bed Relay will allow you to run larger heat beds that require more power then your electronics can supply.  This is perfect for the 8.4" x 12.6" Heat Bed, 10" x 10" Heat Bed, 12" x 12" heat bed and even help to heat up your 8" x 8" MK1 or MK2 quicker.


    Connect J2 to one heat bed wire and GND from your power supply.  Connect J1 In to 12v+ from your power supply and connect the other heat bed wire to J1 out, then connect the two small Pre-Soldered wires to your Heat Bed out put of your electronics (D8 for RAMPS)

    Learn More
  9. Pre-wired Endstop for Printrboard

    Pre-wired Endstop for Printrboard


    Pre-wired Endstop for Printrboard Learn More
  10. A4988 Stepper Driver

    A4988 Stepper Driver


    Those are 100% compatible drivers with Pololu schematic diagram and genuine A4988 IC on it, those are not inferior A4984 drivers !!! The A4988 is a complete microstepping motor driver with built-in translator for easy operation. It is designed to operate bipolar stepper motors in full-, half-, quarter-, eighth-, and sixteenth-step modes, with an output drive capacity of up to 35 V and ±2 A. The A4988 includes a fixed off-time current regulator which has the ability to operate in slow or mixed decay modes. The translator is the key to the easy implementation of the A4988. Simply inputting one pulse on the STEP input drives the motor one microstep. There are no phase sequence tables, high frequency control lines, or complex interfaces to program. The A4988 interface is an ideal fit for applications where a complex microprocessor is unavailable or is overburdened. During stepping operation, the chopping control in the A4988 automatically selects the current decay mode, Slow or Mixed. In Mixed decay mode, the device is set initially to a fast decay for a proportion of the fixed off-time, then to a slow decay for the remainder of the off-time. Mixed decay current control results in reduced audible motor noise, increased step accuracy, and reduced power dissipation. Internal synchronous rectification control circuitry is provided to improve power dissipation during PWM operation. Internal circuit protection includes: thermal shutdown with hysteresis, undervoltage lockout (UVLO), and crossover-current protection. Special power-on sequencing is not required. Low RDS(ON) outputs Automatic current decay mode detection/selection Mixed and Slow current decay modes Synchronous rectification for low power dissipation Internal UVLO Crossover-current protection 3.3 and 5 V compatible logic supply Thermal shutdown circuitry Short-to-ground protection Shorted load protection Five selectable step modes: full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 Learn More

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