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Electronics for 3D Printers like the RepRap

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  1. RAMPS 1.4 Kit

    RAMPS 1.4 Kit

    Completely assembled RAMPS 1.4 Kit:

    • 1 x RAMPS 1.4 Header Board with Mega
    • 4 x Compatible A4988 Stepper Drivers
    • 5 x Heat Sinks with Conductive Stickers
    • 1 x Wiring Kit
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x RAMPS Power connector

    Optional : LCD Interface with built in SD Card Slot

    Blue screwdriver shown is no longer included

    Larger quantity orders may take a couple weeks for sufficient stock to ship

    Learn More
  2. RADDS Expansion Board

    RADDS Expansion Board


    Out of stock

    RADDS Expansion Board - Stepper Drivers not included Learn More
  3. RAMPS 1.4 Shield

    RAMPS 1.4 Shield


    RAMPS 1.4 Shield Learn More
  4. Auto Bed Leveling Kit

    Auto Bed Leveling Kit


    Out of stock

    Includes Induction Sensor, Voltage Reducer and wires Printable mount for i3v: https://app.box.com/s/gwqyo8n60k8fbvb88xytkj9fce9qoxc1 or https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B80A_woXoRWdR3kwTmVoQzNDOTg/view?usp=sharing


    Soldering is required, printed mount is not included Currently we do not have firmware or directions for installing or using ABL

    Learn More
  5. LCD/SD Reader for RADDS Electronics

    LCD/SD Reader for RADDS Electronics


    LCD/SD-Display with Reset- and Back-Buttom for RADDS v1.1 Learn More
  6. Hall E Endstop for RADDS

    Hall E Endstop for RADDS


    Out of stock

    Hall E Endstop (3-5Volt) for RADDS Learn More
  7. RAPS128 Stepper Driver for RADDS

    RAPS128 Stepper Driver for RADDS


    Out of stock

    RAPS128 is the abbreviation for "Raad PowerStepper Driver with 1/128 microstepping". 

    The size corresponds to the popular Pololu drivers and the pinout is compatible but not identical. The driver can also be used to RAMPS, Rumba and other RepRap electronics, with 8-bit electronics are usually too slow for 1/64 and 1/128 microstepping. Specification: Driver IC: THB6128 for precise and silent motor operation, the motor voltage 10 - V 25 Motor peak current 0 to 2.2 A (adjustable via potentiometer) Digital inputs compatible with 3.3 and 5 V microcontrollers Decay method (stress decay in the motor coils) adjustable via potentiometer sleep and boost mode (of RepRap electronics so far not supported) logic voltage from the motor voltage generated (no further connection is required) short shutdown Enable = HIGH (in Pololu drivers LOW, invert in firmware!)

    Learn More
  8. RADDS V1.5 Electronics

    RADDS V1.5 Electronics


    Out of stock

    RADDS V1.5 Electronics Learn More
  9. Nema 14 Stepper Motor

    Nema 14 Stepper Motor

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price $9.00

    Nema 14 Stepper Motor - Pre-Wired 

    Stepper motor : SINGLE (NEMA14) - Including connector for RAMPS, RUMBA or RAMBO Electronics


    5mm Shaft
    Holding Torque : 28.3 oz-in  (20N.cm)
    Assembled with a 4 way Molex connector and 890mm (35") cables
    19mm long Shaft
    1.8 Steps
    36.5mm Long


    Perfect for compact Extruders like the "Itty Bitty Double Extruder", "Itty Bitty Belted Extruder" and the new "Itty Bitty Double FLEX Extruder"

    Learn More
  10. DRV 8825 Stepper Driver

    DRV 8825 Stepper Driver


    The more powerful DRV 8825 stepper driver runs cooler then the A4988 Driver. Supports 32 MicroSteps and can handle up to 2A of motor current. Designed by Kliment ***See Pictures for correct orientation when installing driver - RAMPS and RUMBA boards not included Learn More

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