Prusa 8" i3v Kit (V-Slot Extrusion)

Prusa 8" i3v Kit (V-Slot Extrusion)

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Prusa 8" i3v Kit (V-Slot Extrusion)

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Great Printer Review by John Kossik
Great printer, would recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Awesome Kit Review by Chuck D.
I bought this kit about a year ago, and have had it in service for that year. The build videos were great, I would watch them all the way through first and then assemble along with the video the second time. Colin himself was great to work with, I had a few questions along the way and he always responded promptly. this is my second 3d printer, the first I payed double the price from a different company and it never worked even after multiple conversations with their support. When I finally got this one built and I printed out my test print I was beside myself as the print came out almost perfect on the first try. I have recommended these printers to numerous people whenever asked about mine. I look forward to buying my next one from here as well. Thanks for a great product MakerFarm! (Posted on 1/20/2016)
Outstanding service and great kit Review by Tachout
I originally bought this kit as something for me and my daughter to do together. She was 13 and we built this printer together in a weekend. I put it together straight out of the box and we used it a little but as things go, we got busy over the summer and it just sat. I decided when it got cold out again, to go in and mess with it and see what I could get printing. I had a couple of issues getting it working again as I had changed computers and did not have the Slic3r program on my machine and no other files. I just came back to the site, downloaded them again and went after it. I had some troubles as nothing wanted to work and I could not figure out what was wrong.... and dropped an E-Mail to Colin who helped with ideas and got me to a point I thought we were good, but I should buy a new spool of filament. I did, and still had issues. I traced it down to a clogged nozzle and ordered a new one. Any time I ordered anything from these guys it is in my mailbox next day. Amazing. I just put the new nozzle in, loaded the Gcode, and hit print. It warmed up, and started printing. AMAZING works like new again. Not sure exactly which item I am making next, but it will be like printing on my paper printer I am sure. Outstanding and easy to learn to use. (Posted on 12/29/2015)
Great First 3D Printing Experiance Review by Fielious
Purchased this printer a couple of months ago. Thought I should just share my experience with it. This is my first 3D printing experience, and I don't think it could have gone better.

First shipping was fast, I got the rush order for $20 and ordered it on a Friday night and had it Monday afternoon.

I had only one issues with assembly. The issue was my fault, I had plugged the x-axis in backwards and during the first auto home it started crashing. That was an easy fix. Took me about 3 nights after work to fully assemble.

Overall my experience was great and would recommend MakerFarm kits.

Some assembly and first print photos: (Posted on 8/11/2015)
Amazing Printer Review by Alex
This is my first 3D printer and was a little nervous buying it as I don't do anything even remotely electronics-related in school/career.

After receiving the kit, I put it together after a few days without any issue - there are some minor discrepancies in the guide with the newer versions, but it's easy to figure out. I went a little OCD on calibration, insulation, cable management, etc., but it really paid off.

The printer is very high quality - it's sturdy and adjustable. All of the parts are high quality and I'm surprised by how nice/solid the wooden frame is. Even with zero experience with 3D printing, I haven't had a bad print yet! I've printed a few calibration pieces, tools, parts for a scanner, and random gizmos without any problem.

I definitely recommend the printer to anyone looking to 3D print. It's a fun build, and a hassle-free printer. Thanks! (Posted on 3/18/2015)
Great value, excellent kit Review by Max
This was my first foray into 3D printing. I opted for the Mamga hot end. The kit is complete (except for bed glass and power supply), well organized, with a great build guide. The build videos were a great help as well. The laser-cut wood parts were nearly perfect- some fits were a little tight, but a little 220-grit took care of that. Certainly better than loose joints! The construction is really solid- I've moved the printer around a few times needed no readjustment at all. I also like the v-extrusion/delrin roller arrangement- quiet, accurate, and super easy to set up.

My only complaint about this printer is the Z homing and bed leveling system- it's really awkward in the stock setup, but easy to improve. First, use longer machine screws for bed leveling- the recommended ones are just barely long enough, and I kept backing them off the nuts under the bed. I'd recommend immediately printing an adjustable Z endstop bracket ( and one-handed bed leveling captive nuts (can't find the link at the moment).

The other improvement I needed to get non-warping prints was a duct around the Magma fan/hot-end heat sink. Without the ducting, the extruder cooling fan is blowing directly on the print, and things would warp terribly, even small stuff like the calibration cube. I used this one ( and immediately started making great prints.

I'm currently using gluestick + ABS slurry directly on the glass bed and have great adhesion. Sometimes a little *too* much, but by popping it in the freezer and being *really* patient while removing the part I've been 100% successful. I preheat ext/bed to 225/110, then print at 210/100. Two more tips: make sure you let the nozzle soak at preheat temp for at least 5min, and make sure you leave the cooling fan running until you're well below 80degC when shutting down. If you don't, you'll almost certainly jam the head and get the "mousebite" effect where the hobbed feed bolt cuts into the filament. It's happened to me a couple of times, but it's always been easy to clear and re-start.

Colin was also very helpful and available during the build process. I only had a few questions for him, but I don't think I waited more than an hour for responses to my emails.

I am very satisfied with the product, and also the service. I would definitely recommend this printer, and I will certainly put Makerfarm on my preferred vendor list.

Great job, Colin! Thanks!
(Posted on 12/28/2014)
Great Kit! Review by Radioactivedog
I have never assembled anything with this complexity. I watched the videos and it worked out of the gate no problem.
I opted for 1.75 filament and a hexagon head. Works great. Customer services is fast and very good. You can piece it and I think it would cost you more by the time you are done. Everything was there and matched to the machine. I use washable glue stick as a binder on the glass plates.
Set the parts with a 2mm brim no problem and parts just pop right off when cool. (Posted on 11/6/2014)
Far Exceeded Expectations Review by Dewitt B.
This is my first 3D printer and I have spent countless hours reading online about peoples' first experiences and all of the trial and error they have to go through to get good results. Based upon this, I set my expectations pretty low and knew I was probably going to spend hours on this kit getting it tuned correctly. Well that turned out not to be the case at all! I spent one long night assembling the printer, and second short night tidying up wiring and taking care to set the end stops properly and level the bed. I used a 0.003" feeler gauge to set the head height off the bed, and Fructis Extreme Hold hairspray on the glass with ABS filament. My first print, the 24mm test cube linked in the instructions, using the slic3r config file linked in the instructions, was *flawless*! It printed within 1/100th inch in all dimensions. I couldn't believe it. Since then I have ran the printer about 12 more hours and all of the results have been equally phenomenal. I can't say enough good things about this printer design as it was definitely well thought out. The only negative part of the design I can see so far is the Z endstop. You need a ball end hex wrench to get to it properly and the adjustment is way too coarse/sketchy to be useful. However, this is easily remedied with an awesome design by clough42 I found on Thingiverse # 336665. If this design was included in the kit then it would be absolutely perfect. Thanks, Colin for offering such a great printer at a great price! Very happy customer here and would definitely recommend this printer to anyone interested. (Posted on 8/28/2014)
great printer Review by don
as an owner of 4 other makerfarm prusa's i reccomeded this kit to my son.

i built it for him and it is a 7-8hr build as were all my other prusas.

this one is very quiet compared to my other prusas.

colin is a genius :) (Posted on 8/22/2014)
9.75 out of 10!!! Review by Adam R.
I bought this on a whim that I wanted to do 3d Printing for my car webstore site. I did some research and ended up here on MakerFarm. I was trying to get in on the Kickstarter kits... but opted to try Colins.

I received the package in good order. Unwrapped everything. Realized its going to take alot more work than I thought. Took maybe 12-13 hrs total over a span of a week to put it together. My cat died in the middle of the week so I took time off from it. Sucks. But he helped me by sitting on my lap making sure I was putting things in the right spot. So I finished it for him.

The videos do miss a couple steps.. then revisit the problem and fix it in the following videos. I wish a little video editing was done. Colin if you want me to cut your video i'll be glad to do it.

I did run into a few problems that were fixed by Blues Clues'ing it. I did have to lightly hammer in some nuts into the filiment feeder bolts. Just random things here and there.

The only thing I can think of that is a problem is the Z stop switch. If you have to move it a fraction of a mm its almost impossible to get it dialed in without going too far up or too far down. Just have to do trial and error to finally get your nozzle at the correct height. But it didnt take too long. Maybe 10-15 mins to get the Zstop and bed leveled.

I printed my first replacement parts and they came out better than what was sent. I was floored. I seemed to have figured out the best settings for my machine. I needed to turn up the Flow to 106 for PLA during the printing. For ABS I had to turn the heat up higher and Flow to 104. Then everything worked great.

Overall I will def be buying some Filiment from Colin just to be loyal. (Posted on 8/19/2014)

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