Prusa 10" i3v Kit (V-Slot Extrusion)

Prusa 10" i3v Kit (V-Slot Extrusion)

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Prusa 10" i3v Kit (V-Slot Extrusion)

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Great experience Review by Eric
This is a great product. It started with the the very fast shipping to immediate responses from Colin. The 10" Prusa kit was amazing in its design and instruction manual. We also appreciated the step by step videos that are well done. (Posted on 8/1/2015)
Way better then a Makerbot Replicator 5 Review by Robert
I decided to pull the trigger on this printer after getting fed up with the smart extruder thermal sag issues on my Makerbot. I also have experience with the De-vinci printer.

The Build:
I decided to paint mine white, used rattle can primer, sanded with 220 grit, painted with white paint, sanded, painted again, and finished it with a clear coat. The printer looks awesome, You would not know it was wood. The quality of the wood is second to none. Very smooth finish, very clean cut lines. Do not let the wood frame fool you, it works well. I spent about 3 days building my printer, One day painting, one day assembling, and the last day I spent time managing the wire into mesh sleeves so it looks very professional (except near the RAMP) The rats nest around the RAMP would give any OCD person turrets.

First Print
The instructions were excellent (assuming one follows them.)
Amazing thing is, the printer actually powered on and didn't nuke itself right off. That is a plus in my book.
I test out the durability of the X axis when I got the servo plugged in backwards and sent the carriage to the top. Nothing bent or broke. Then I read the directions...

First print went well, I have to admit I was shocked the Makefarm actually worked so darn well out of the box. (provided one has a properly leveled bed and manages to find the right hairspray)

Comparison with the Makerbot Replicator 5.. The MBR5 is a refined machine. Like GLADOS, one wishes they could rip it into little bits and throw it into a fire, but the investment is too much to give up on. The makerbot also has a very simple software suite to use however it is very proprietary.

The Makerfarm allows one to pretty much do any darn thing, and tweak any setting. Granted bed leveling is not nearly as easy but It takes me 2 minutes as opposed to 20 minutes on the makerbot (bring tip up to temp, remove filament, cool tip, tighten all the bed screwes.. Blah Blah. (Posted on 3/9/2015)
Great printer, very reliable Review by Paul
I bought this printer (with hexagon hotend) after Thanksgiving 2014. I've been using it for ~ 1.5 months now and have to say it's quite reliable. Build was straightforward (took me about 12 hours, but I'm slow). Prints came out really good from the start. Only problem I had printing with ABS was warping off the plate. I solved this by using hairspray and keeping the bed temperature at 100 C for the whole print (worked like a charm for me). I've started printing big pieces and results are equally good.

Colin's tech support is superb. It's one of the main reasons I bought from Makerfarm, and I would recommend buying from him. From what I can tell, he's reduced the process of making a 3D printer from something that can be a total headache to a straightforward and fun project. (Posted on 1/17/2015)
Terrific Starter Printer with Room to Grow (5/5) Review by NewToThis
This was my first 3D printer and I had no problems with the assembly. I was amazed how well the first print came out. If you are looking to learn a bit while building your printer without the hassle of designing the entire system, this is a great kit.

- Easy and fun to build
- Terrific support from Colin
- High qualitity prints
- Easy to modify and improve
- Extremely afforadable

Room for Improvment:
- Bed leveling and Z end stop is annoying to adjust, there are easy to find mods out there.
- BYO power supply: It would just be nice if this were included.

Overall I am very satisfied with this printer! (Posted on 12/23/2014)
So, So happy I bought this Review by Scratch
We've been saving, and researching, 3d printers for about a year now. We needed one that would print Nylon, did a good job of staying calibrated and didn't cost thousands of dollars. I had decided to just source my own parts when I came across the 10 i3v. After reading various reviews and watching videos, we pulled the trigger and I couldn't be happier. Within 12 hours of building the printer we had made a hollow cube that was within .010mm per side, a nylon extruder gear replacement set and PLA legos with my kids names extruded on the side.
I'm driving our printer with 123d Design for creating the models, Simplify 3d for slicing and OctoPi for driving the printer. The only issues I ran into were mostly my own or because MakerFarm has done a great job of tweaking the printer design but the docs are a little behind. nothing major and Colin has been super responsive whenever I have had a question.
Buy this printer. (Posted on 12/23/2014)
Great printer!! Review by hal9000
First thing i have to say is if i could give this printer and Maker Farm 10 stars i would . This is my second printer (first one was a printrbot simple print kit ,total waste of time ) Returned that one ,and got this one expecting much the same ,,,,Boy was i in for a very pleasant surprise .
First of all ,the packing was second to none ,every piece you need for the build is there (except for a power supply ),but it states that in the Amazon ad (available on Amazon for under $30 ) The fit of the parts could not be better ,very sturdy machine when complete .Some mechanical experience will be helpful ,also some knowledge of computers is helpful ,but all in all a very fun build .The online instructions and assembly videos are fantastic ,Colin at Maker Farm does the vids ,and explains every nut an bolt ,and wire to perfection ,in plain English even a beginner like me can understand.
I had a couple of questions ,and went to their website and submitted my questions with their form ,expected to hear from them in the next day or so.
To my surprise i got a response from Colin in less than 15 minutes ,he answered my questions right then . I finished the build and fired it up (expecting the worst ) everything worked perfectly right away .After going thru all the adjustments ,was making my first print within 30 minutes .
I could not be more pleased ,i especially like the fact that you can do all your printing from an sd card without having to tie up your computer.
They even included a 8gig card in the package,nice touch .Their were more than enough supplies to complete the build,with some spares left over .
Again thanks to Colin @Maker Farm for the little help i needed . Highly recommend their products ,and customer service could not be better. (Posted on 11/5/2014)
Love it Review by RACE
i bought the kit and assembled it with no problems. I had problems with the stepper drivers and the mega 2560 and LCD. Colin had them sent to me with no problems. now i am printing better prints than with the 6 in printer.
i would highly recommend this kit to anyone. (Posted on 10/30/2014)
First 3D printer build, went great! Great kit for beginners Review by Paul
I have had my eye on 3d printing for a while. I had been researching for many weeks. I was attracted to the Makerfarm i3v because of the sturdy nature of the v-slot extrusions.

I could not have been more happy with the kit. The parts were complete, easy to figure out, and the assembly videos walked me through every step. It took me about a week and a half to get it up and printing.

The printer worked well right from the beginning. It didn't take long for me to start experimenting with my own files, and I made some mistakes. Colin not only answered my email within hours (on a Sunday!) but he was able to look at my g-code files and tell me I had my print temperature too low. I've had many successful prints since then. I would highly recommend this kit and MakerFarm to anybody. (Posted on 10/27/2014)
Solid Kit Review by Jason
This is my first 3D printer. The build instructions are fairly solid and with some common sense, most with some mechanical ability can put this kit together with minimal effort. I've already printed a full set of replacement parts included in the kit plus some community provided upgrades. All of the prints look good have have been 100% functional.

-Once built, it produces nice looking prints with the Slic3r configurations provided by MakerFarm.
-The frame is solid and appears to have very little deflection.
-Any customer service/help you may need is promptly addressed by Colin. Thanks Colin!
-The build guide is updated frequently and appears to get better all of the time. Videos were pretty good too.

-Would be nice to have a few more spare hardware pieces. I had one bad M3 nut and didn't have a replacement for it and had to get it from MakerFarm (free of charge).
-Struggled with putting together the extruder due to fit quality of the 3D printed parts. Had to use a Dremel and sandpaper to get the parts to fit together and to get the idler bearing to rotate freely.
-Cable management could use some work but that could be solved by the user community. (Posted on 10/20/2014)

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