12" Basic Pegasus Kit

12" Basic Pegasus Kit

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    12" Basic Pegasus Kit

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    Outstanding customer support Review by Tyler
    The Printer: Very nice, extremely rigid. I added a few extra cast corner connections for stability but they are not really needed. The printer comes with very well done instructions, that go from start all the way through calibration and first prints. The YouTube videos are especially helpful if your not getting something from print instructions.

    The service: I chose Makerfarm because they offered the best priced large printer (Pegasus 12,) and reviews indicated that the customer service was good...

    Good is an understatement, every single time I have had a question or build concern, Colin, has been there to help. Often times within minutes, and he has been willing to look at screenshots and pictures, give troubleshooting steps, and generally give a level of service i am positive you cannot find elsewhere.

    If your going to go the DIY route for a 3d printer...Makerfarm is the way to go...come for the price, stay for the Awesome service.

    (Posted on 6/23/2017)
    Great Machine Review by Joe
    I have been using the machine for almost 9 months (using it a lot). Works really well...I can start a 10 hour print and walk away.
    A lot of parts to put together...took me about 3 days. Using the directions and common sense I only had minimal trouble.

    I would only change a couple of things (and probably will). The Z axis home sucks...seems to change for no identifiable reason. I think it's probably the way the switch mechanism is mounted...sorta flimsy.
    The Z axis coupling are a clever...but a weak point. The shaft slips in the coupling and Z axis height changes. I think I'll try a brass coupling with a couple of set screws.

    It's a very stable and reliable machine. I would not hesitate to buy it again. (Posted on 9/28/2016)
    Awesome Printers! Review by Youngjedi
    I first tried to buy Solidoodle, after 6 months of nothing, I found the Makerfarm products.

    I bought the 10" prusa and printed all my R2 parts and a couple BB-8 Parts as well and was so enthused with the results, I bought a 2nd printer...The Pegasus 12". LOVE IT!
    Support is awesome and quick.

    I am trying to get my friend into 3D printing and I am trying to get him to buy a Makerfarm.

    Youngjedi (Posted on 9/22/2016)
    Solid Kit with little lacking Review by Greywarden
    I'm new to the 3d Printing world. I've printed on this for several hundred hours so far. It is a rock solid setup. Once everything is connected and configured properly it's a beast. The V-Slot extrusions provide a solid frame with no real flex.

    I've printed PLA and PETG without issue, except during multiple tall prints, the x-carriage cabling gets in the way, and I'm trying to find a way to mount it with a cable chain or something before I burn it all up again.

    I have to recommend this printer, wholeheartedly. The system is solid and support from Colin has been stellar. (Posted on 9/19/2016)
    Amazing product and Support Review by Kevin
    Upon many researches and debating on what to buy for a fairly good price with big build volume. This printer met my expectations with a good price at 700 with tax. The printer was absolutely amazing with the fine prints of 50 microns! I was thinking of buying a printer from E3D Big box but this captured my attention the most! the E3d big box was priced around 1000 without tax had almost the same features as big box but does not have a auto bed leveler feature. Never had problem leveling the bed manually, was very easy to level!

    I had a few issues with print problem however it was on my end that I did not follow the instructions and decided to get in touch Colin. The support he gives is very excellent and is a very patient man! Usually get replies within 1 minute to a hour.

    I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a sturdy 3d printer and big build volume! Will be looking back towards future printers from this company! (Posted on 8/31/2016)
    Simply amazing product and support. Review by Josh
    I am relatively new to the 3d printing world, having only ever used a Flashforge creator clone from Monoprice.com. There were a lot of little problems with that one and I felt I had a decent handle on the basics. I began looking for a new printer about a month ago. I stumbled upon several reviews of the Makerfarm printers. I reached out to Colin and was told that a new 12" Pegasus was going to be released by the end of March. Two days after the release I had paid my money and was awaiting the arrival of my new 12" Pegasus kit.

    It showed up a few days later and I began the build. All of the parts were carefully packaged and well organized. I took my time and organized all of the parts into groups based off of the build instructions. The instructions themselves are top notch , with easy to follow directions and an abundant amount of very clear pictures to help you during the build. Once assembled this beast is solid. The frame makes for a nice array of goves and mount points. This makes tidying up wires and mounting anything additional is a dream. I've added a raspberry pi and webcam to run OctoPi on without a problem.

    I had a few little issues during my build process as I got stuck with an error or something not working right away. I got in touch with Colin and received a response within a few hours, even at night or the weekends. The support has always been spot on and quick and I could ask for nothing more.

    Once I made it to my first print it came out nearly perfect. I didn't have any issues with laying down the rafts or first layers at all. I've printed several replacement parts already and a few new mounting brackets for my pi and webcam. This is the printer I was looking for without a doubt. I have no regrets whatsoever and will be purchasing more from Makerfarm in the future.

    I simply don't think you can go wrong with this kit.
    (Posted on 4/19/2016)

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