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12" Basic Pegasus Kit

12" Basic Pegasus Kit

Product Review (submitted on April 19, 2016):
I am relatively new to the 3d printing world, having only ever used a Flashforge creator clone from There were a lot of little problems with that one and I felt I had a decent handle on the basics. I began looking for a new printer about a month ago. I stumbled upon several reviews of the Makerfarm printers. I reached out to Colin and was told that a new 12" Pegasus was going to be released by the end of March. Two days after the release I had paid my money and was awaiting the arrival of my new 12" Pegasus kit.

It showed up a few days later and I began the build. All of the parts were carefully packaged and well organized. I took my time and organized all of the parts into groups based off of the build instructions. The instructions themselves are top notch , with easy to follow directions and an abundant amount of very clear pictures to help you during the build. Once assembled this beast is solid. The frame makes for a nice array of goves and mount points. This makes tidying up wires and mounting anything additional is a dream. I've added a raspberry pi and webcam to run OctoPi on without a problem.

I had a few little issues during my build process as I got stuck with an error or something not working right away. I got in touch with Colin and received a response within a few hours, even at night or the weekends. The support has always been spot on and quick and I could ask for nothing more.

Once I made it to my first print it came out nearly perfect. I didn't have any issues with laying down the rafts or first layers at all. I've printed several replacement parts already and a few new mounting brackets for my pi and webcam. This is the printer I was looking for without a doubt. I have no regrets whatsoever and will be purchasing more from Makerfarm in the future.

I simply don't think you can go wrong with this kit.