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12" Basic Pegasus Kit

12" Basic Pegasus Kit

Product Review (submitted on June 23, 2017):
The Printer: Very nice, extremely rigid. I added a few extra cast corner connections for stability but they are not really needed. The printer comes with very well done instructions, that go from start all the way through calibration and first prints. The YouTube videos are especially helpful if your not getting something from print instructions.

The service: I chose Makerfarm because they offered the best priced large printer (Pegasus 12,) and reviews indicated that the customer service was good...

Good is an understatement, every single time I have had a question or build concern, Colin, has been there to help. Often times within minutes, and he has been willing to look at screenshots and pictures, give troubleshooting steps, and generally give a level of service i am positive you cannot find elsewhere.

If your going to go the DIY route for a 3d printer...Makerfarm is the way to go...come for the price, stay for the Awesome service.