Why should I choose Maker Farm?

Frequently I get asked "why should I buy from Maker Farm?" or "How is Maker Farm and their printers different from ... Company?"  Instead of me explaining I decided to let Maker Farm's Customers tell you why.

Colin Farrer

President - Maker Farm Inc


by Sandy T.
I recently needed to upgrade my old wooden I3 from Makerfarm. This machine has served me well over the years and still worked before I tore it apart. I did that in order to upgrade to the new Pegasus 12” printer. I have no regret in doing this as the Pegasus is the finest printer I have ever owned. I know as I have 7 printers.  In face I loved that black Pegasus so much that I also converted my old K8200 and I am currently building a complete Pegasus kit. This will give me 3 Black Pegasus printers that will allow me to do different print jobs and use different materials. I recently discovered PETG and I love it. 
I cannot say enough about the service that Colin has provided over the years and I have never been unhappy. Thanks Colin!
I am relatively new to the 3d printing world, having only ever used a Flashforge creator clone from Monoprice.com. There were a lot of little problems with that one and I felt I had a decent handle on the basics. I began looking for a new printer about a month ago. I stumbled upon several reviews of the Makerfarm printers. I reached out to Colin and was told that a new 12" Pegasus was going to be released by the end of March. Two days after the release I had paid my money and was awaiting the arrival of my new 12" Pegasus kit. 

It showed up a few days later and I began the build. All of the parts were carefully packaged and well organized. I took my time and organized all of the parts into groups based off of the build instructions. The instructions themselves are top notch , with easy to follow directions and an abundant amount of very clear pictures to help you during the build. Once assembled this beast is solid. The frame makes for a nice array of goves and mount points. This makes tidying up wires and mounting anything additional is a dream. I've added a raspberry pi and webcam to run OctoPi on without a problem. 

I had a few little issues during my build process as I got stuck with an error or something not working right away. I got in touch with Colin and received a response within a few hours, even at night or the weekends. The support has always been spot on and quick and I could ask for nothing more. 

Once I made it to my first print it came out nearly perfect. I didn't have any issues with laying down the rafts or first layers at all. I've printed several replacement parts already and a few new mounting brackets for my pi and webcam. This is the printer I was looking for without a doubt. I have no regrets whatsoever and will be purchasing more from Makerfarm in the future.

I simply don't think you can go wrong with this kit. 
(Posted on 4/19/2016)
I have had an incredibly positive experience purchasing, building, and receiving support for this printer. 

This printer is my first foray into 3D printing, so I cannot give a comparison based on the technical merits of this printer vs other DIY printers. I can say that the design of this printer is fantastic. All parts work seamlessly together and the end product is a sturdy, reliable printer that has proved a ton of fun for learning and experimenting with this new world. 

The thing that really makes this entire experience exceptional is the fantastic customer service I have received from the Makerfarm team. I work for a leading ski resort company that prides itself and differentiates from other resorts by providing world class customer service. I hope this gives me some credibility when I say that I have never experienced or imagined customer service at the level that Makerfarm delivers.

I come from a background of building, flying, crashing, and rebuilding multirotor drones. I was fully expecting this adventure to be fraught with the non-existent customer service, countless hours searching forums for answers to inevitable problems, and general frustration that comes with a newly emerging technology and market. I can surprisingly say that I have not had any of these challenges because of Makerfarm's nearly immediate assistance at every step of the process.

Confidently purchase products from this company knowing that all aspects of the experience have been well thought out and that help is always waiting if you have any questions. (Posted on 3/15/2016)
After a lot of reading on /r/3Dprinting, and hearing great things about Colin's support, I decided on an 8" Pegasus for my first printer. I liked that it was a kit, and I would learn a lot in the process of assembling it.

After owning it for a month, and 100+ hours of printing, I'm glad I went with a MakerFarm. I've added a cooling fan for PLA, and a few other mods, and I'm getting results that exceeded my expectations.

One thing I'd change is the power connector to the RAMPS board. The connection was finicky and I eventually removed it, soldering the wires from the supply directly to the RAMPS board.

Support from Colin is great, and the printer was fun to build and produces great prints. (Posted on 4/3/2016)
We have been running a small print service for about 2 years, operating solely off of 3 MakerFarm machines. 

We've logged several thousand hours into three machines over the past couple years, and the print quality is phenomenal. Just keep your belts tight, your frame rigid, your axes orthogonal, and you will have great prints. 

In addition to the printing quality, the service provided by Colin is outstanding. If I ever have questions he usually responds within 10minutes!

I personally have not seen any other kit printer that approaches the resolution and consistency of the MakerFarm family machines.

We love the MakerFarm machines so much we just sent in an order to add a few more to our fleet! (Posted on 3/31/2016)
Super Printer! by Drake2x
I was debating between this 12" Prusa and a delta style from another company. Once I found out that the delta had a hard time with duel extruders and printing in exotic filaments, I came back to MakerFarm and I couldn't be happier.

I already have a list of upgrades in mind to get my dual extruders up and running once I get paid again. :) It took me roughly 6 hours to complete the build and was up and running. I did run into some problems that I had created myself and had to research how to fix them. Finally bit the bullet and emailed Colin. He was responding and helping me out within minutes, which was amazing. He knew exacly what was wrong and how to fix it quickly.

I've been running my printer now for over a week with zero problems and tons of printed items and upgrades. I now have auto bed leveling, which is awesome, vibration dampeners, a wider spool holder, filament guide, knob, filament cleaner, a minion, some Christmas ornaments, cookie cutters, and more. I've spent every waking second in front my my new printer (when not at work of course) and I love it. Couldn't ask for better.

Thanks MakerFarm and Colin! (Posted on 12/13/2015)
The support I receive from Colin is exceptional. From assembly to printing, Colin has answered every single question and provided solutions throughout. Some parts didn't seem to fit correctly and had some issues with the rumba board. Colin walked me through troubleshooting them all via email. I didn't think it could be done, but Colin knows the printers inside and out and easily grasps the situation. I even shipped my rumba board to him and he tested it. Turned out it was a jumper on the board. My mistake. 

The unit itself is solid. Assembly knowledge requires a cross between RC cars, generic software configuration and models with some wiring knowledge. If your good with putting things together this unit is pretty straight forward and fun. 

There are cheaper repraps available, but you are pretty much on your own with those except for forums. With Colin, you get detailed assistance quickly. 
(Posted on 10/1/2015)
The fun I've had putting this printer together and printing with it has made me a Maker Farm fan for sure. I have experience with other 3d printers, but wish I had found Maker Farm sooner. I did a lot of research before making this purchase and it paid off. Also, the support is the best I've had from any company... ever. My girlfriend and I take bets on how fast of a response we get. The over/under is 4 minutes! I asked in an to email support if it was a chat bot, Colin said no, he was a real person. So, I don't know, that's exactly what a chat bot would say. (Posted on 9/29/2015)
This is a great product. It started with the the very fast shipping to immediate responses from Colin. The 10" Prusa kit was amazing in its design and instruction manual. We also appreciated the step by step videos that are well done. (Posted on 8/1/2015)
Awesome Kit Review by Chuck D.
I bought this kit about a year ago, and have had it in service for that year. The build videos were great, I would watch them all the way through first and then assemble along with the video the second time. Colin himself was great to work with, I had a few questions along the way and he always responded promptly. this is my second 3d printer, the first I payed double the price from a different company and it never worked even after multiple conversations with their support. When I finally got this one built and I printed out my test print I was beside myself as the print came out almost perfect on the first try. I have recommended these printers to numerous people whenever asked about mine. I look forward to buying my next one from here as well. Thanks for a great product MakerFarm! (Posted on 1/20/2016)